Welcome me back with a big fashion clap

Hi to everyone. 

I can’t believe that I haven’t been able to blog in a while. I’ve been doing some crazy fashion and journalism internships and now I’m all graduated I can finally announce I am back and will be blogging ALL the time. I miss writing about fashion for fun and sharing my fashion experiences with readers. Since starting this blog (when I was 18) I have realised (now 22) that there is so much more out there and I cannot wait to bring it to you.  

I really hope you like my new posts and my new ideas. As you know I live in London so I’ll be bringing you the biggest styles from here, to you. 

Stay stylin

Rebecca x


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Behind the Closed Curtains of Fashion Design

costume pic 2

The world of costume design: fashion or art is about the hidden world into design with a fashion twist. Ellie Skeet talks about how the Costume industry is one of the most diverse forms of design creating timeless pieces for the arts often used in films and theatre. Costume design allows you to enter into a different world. It is an explosion of imagination and creativity, flowing from the colourful to the dark side of the characters and expressing their fashion along with their personality. Costume design is an unknown world that needs to be heard, listen to Ellie Skeet, designer from London College of Fashion tell us about her work and the creativeness that is needed to produce such art.

By Rebecca Harrison

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Graduate Fashion Week 2012

Graduate fashion week arrived with a bang and it’s in your face! This year’s graduate fashion was an array and presentation of bold colours, sheek designs and amazing fashions. The press room was packed with photographers, writers and excitement! The shows were infused with innovative approaches to design, pattern and materials.

It was Chloe Jones a student from Bath University who was to win the Best Womenswear collection, expressing a religious side using oversized jersey hoodies and stone grey chiffon, calling her collection ‘ ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’

Other major awards included: Best Menswear Collection to Riona Horrox of Edinburgh College of Art; Fiona Xiaoping Huang, from UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) for the Zandra Rhodes Textiles ‘crown’; and Karen Jessen, from Berlin’s ESMOD, who took the International trophy. Livia Firth the ‘green carpet’s eco-warrior’ presented the Ethical Award to Sarah Murphy, of Northumbria University.

More than 20,000 visitors attended the shows at Earls Court 2 last week. The students have certainly set the trends high for fashion in 2012 and 2013. Mariapia Mineo, winner of the fashion capitals ‘future of fashion’2012 showed her collection with amazing futuristic designs and materials. Mariapia is certainly a designer with forward thinking and encouraged people to think about the future of fashion.

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African Queen

Fashion is everywhere all around the world, we may not recognise it… but it’s there. The art and colours that can be created into fashion pieces is simply entrancing. It’s part of our culture and surroundings; it shapes who we are and reflects our personalities. It’s not just about the representation of yourself but of your country. I have respect for all cultures around the world and the fashion they represent.

There are all types of fashion far from the Cat walks, New York, London and Milan, let your fashion imagination widen with African Queen..

African Queen

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Mermaid Magic


Inspired by Fantastic Vogue I decided to make my own mermaid piece, with capturing design and sophisticated clothing. My mermaid would drown in beautiful blue jewels and luxuriate in royal blue gowns. I love everything about the magazine design and the gorgeous presentation which makes you want to read more and more. Take yourself into the world of my Mermaid Magic. Let your fashion imagination run wild.


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The London Look – My Look


What I love most about London is that it’s brought out my individual style and fashion. I’ve always trusted black; it can give you many looks sheek, sexy and chic or punk, edgy and unique. I love this collection of cool stuff I’ve put together. I love simple style’s which can be made to look stylish because of how you’re wearing them.  It reminds me of my “London Look”. I hope there’s some fashion inspiration in here for you too! Always be unique with your fashion, throw what you love together and work it. 

The Urban way

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Floral Fears

Floral Beauty

I just wanted to say.. florals are not something to be feared! They are elegant and give you that cute girly look. Yes they was in around 2010 and they’re still in now! These gorgeous patterns and colours can make any dull old outfit turn into an explosion of something that could save your summer look. If you’re a student like me, get them old pieces out from 2010 and piece them together with something new. This will certainly work for all you student scroungers like me!

I recently brought floral print trousers from H&M priced just at £12.99 FASHION BARGAIN! I match these with black and a smart blazer, adding that Rock Chick essence to my look. GET SOME.

Floral in Paris

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